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Why in the world are we doing this?

The best part of my job is being able to take crazy ideas and have our team make something out of them. My first blog post is about how one of those ideas turned into the Carousel Framework that we are releasing as an Open Source project. Full story

by Mark Chamberlain
16 May 2014
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Mark Chamberlain

Hello...I am the Director of Information Services for Select Sires, Inc. and I am having the time of my life. I was welcomed here in 2013, greeted by a capable team that has ramped up with new skills and a real sense of purpose to deliver meaningful change to our business. That may seem like a lot of cliché for one sentence...but I'm pleased to count it as the real deal. I hope the posts found within these blogs help others to do BIG THINGS, or simply help solve the problem of the moment.